November 30, 2021

Eating Healthy: The Right Way To Eat Certain Foods

There is no doubt that eating healthy is part of maintaining our overall heath. There are even some food items that are recommended by doctors as remedies for a number of mild health issues. Now you may think that eating veggies, fruits etc may be just that but you may be wrong.

Some food items furnish our bodies with more beneficial nutritional contents when eaten raw rather than when cooked. Also, minerals and vitamins can be found abundantly in the skin of many fruits and vegetables but unfortunately enough some people would peel those skins off before eating them and as such deprive themselves of the rich contents.

Eating healthy depends on the way we prepare or cook the food we eat. Some food items retain their nutritional richness even when cooked at high temperatures while others are depleted.

In this post we are going to explore a couple of food items and discuss ways by which they can be prepared making our eating healthy worth its while.


eating healthy with red meat
When you prepare broccoli, it is best you cook it with steam but not too long. No boiling and no frying since these processes can destroy the contained proteins, chlorophyll and vitamin C which broccoli is abundant in.


Potato is the most versatile food stuff on earth. It can be prepared in a thousand ways depending on what part of the earth you live. The most popular however are mashed potatoes and French fries like the ones you get at fast foods such as McDonalds.

Not every form of prepared potato can be considered healthy eating. For instance French fries are not as healthy as mashed potatoes or cooked ones. On the other hand cooked potatoes at room temperature have a certain level of “resistant starch” which requires a longer time to digest. The benefit is the less chance of developing diabetes and colon cancer. This also goes further to lower the possibility of you becoming obese.


cabbage in nutrition
Cabbage just like potatoes can be prepared in many ways. Due to the fermentation process sauerkraut contains natural probiotics which nourish bacteria that live in our guts. Protection against diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are among the benefits. Now since there is a higher level of sodium in sauerkraut than raw cabbage, people suffering from chronic heart disease might want to stick to the latter.

Red Meat

Abundant in protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, niacin and omega 3 fatty acids yet it may be a health issue if it is has too much of saturated fats. The way around this is to go for lean red meat or cut off the fat as much as possible before you cook.


Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. This antioxidant is helpful to combat diseases such as stroke, cancer and some heart related health problems. There are claims (not yet verified) that this antioxidant lycopene is easier absorbed by eating cooked tomatoes as opposed to raw ones.

Also lycopene is very beneficial as it helps to protect the skin from damages as a result of exposure to ultra violet (UV) rays as well as improving vascular system.


Eggs are known to be a very rich source of many substances of nutritional value. Eggs contain high quality proteins and about 70 calories each. The best way to eat eggs would be hard boiled or poached. Frying eggs with bacon for instance is not a good idea. It may be regarded as eating junk food which is not healthy at all.


Eating healthy cannot be accomplished without embracing fruits. Fruits are extremely good for overall human health. Personally I don’t think one can eat fruit too much although some people might not agree with me. Too much of anything is bad they say but not for me when we talk of fruits. You should always strife to chew your fruits. Yes, fruit juices are also beneficial but most of the quality substances are lost during processing.

When you eat the fruits you also take in fibers. The fibers make you have a feeling of fullness and also slow down the absorption of sugar into your body. There you go – another characteristic to avoid diabetes and obesity.

What To Drink During And After Meals

Now that you have prepared what in your opinion means eating healthy, you need something to drink too. Big debates hang around beverages: – should you take them or not?


Although coffee can be good because even the caffeine it contains can be beneficial at times yet when you take coffee make sure you chose the basic blend. No other additives such as caramel, frappe or some other junk is recommended. Some people prefer the “Decaf” form of coffee due to the attributes of caffeine increasing blood pressure.

Red Wine

Red wine is good for a number of health aspects. A glass of red wine will be enough, period. Now humans like to abuse every good thing. Keep your consumption of red wine within the limit of one glass per meal. Don’t overdo it since too much of alcohol can be damaging to your heart. Pregnant women should stay away from heavy drinking in order not to put their unborn baby in harm’s way.

Drinking Water Counts As Eating Healthy

Considered the source of life water should be taken any time anywhere. Drink water abundantly. Scientists as well as environmentalists have all agreed that our planet is getting hotter and hotter every year; you should strive to drink plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration which may further lead to more serious health problems.

These by no means are all the food items that can fall under eating healthy. If you love to eat something and you are not sure whether it is good for you or not, doing a little research would not harm you. Try to find as much information as possible about what you eat and the best ways to prepare them. Eating healthy is good for you.

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